History Could Repeat- MOC Departure

Posted by Niall on May 22, 2015

As we are all aware at this stage MOC has left Leinster Rugby today by “Mutual consent”. Whatever that means is an argument for anther article and not the focus here, although some of the mainstream media believes the full story could be aired as early as this Sunday. All of the decisions and arguments that have lead up to this point and the feelings of the fans on whether it was the right or wrong thing to do are also not the focus of this article. At this moment in time the decision is made and that’s that. This is more a quick though on next year…

So Leo is taking over as caretaker, as a true blue I couldn’t feel safer in his hands – But isn’t that a little pointless at the moment, caretaker for on off-season? Does this mean there is no planned replacement? or is there someone lined up who isn’t free to speak until after the world cup! Okay, now were getting places!! Thats right the world cup! If you don’t know its a pretty big deal… Its the world cup that makes me question this whole damn situation.

Here is how I see it – Leinster don’t have a season next year, As a fan I accept that, being somewhat forward thinking; I have known that for about a year. We will be playing a significant portion of the year 15 (or so) players down….. Anyone can feel free to prove me wrong but there is no other team in the PRO12 or Champions cup who face that handicap.  Consider for a second so, the prospect of taking over this team… a team that is at best one footed from the off. A team that is already not playing to its potential, a team that is not playing in the right style of rugby. Oh and the biggest point of all; a club that has now aligned its self slightly closer to the soccer style of governance by saying goodbye to a manger within contract. Has the chalice ever been so poisoned? Personally I was of the opinion to keep MOC on board for his final year for these reasons.

I have always been an advocate of “Better the Devil you know that the one you don’t” But never so much as facing into next season. Personally I feel that introducing a new manager to a team in this sort of condition, in a world cup year; is unfair. As I have said already I cannot see success on Leinster’s cards this year, the introduction of a new body would likely lead any underperformance once again to be accredited to the Coach… Leaving them in even worse stead after a year than MOC was, Hence why I feel todays news may in fact cause history to repeat itself. Is that a direction we as Leinster supporters really want to see our club moving in?

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