Rugby 15 video game

Posted by Colm on September 15, 2014

If like me you are a casual gamer then this might be of interest. By casual I mean that a bi-annual trip to a games shop might be pushing it but none the less I have heard that a new “Rugby” game is on the way.

Whilst trawling¬†the web to find out more details I’ve found mixed reports on the game, so to save you the hassle of searching the mountain of results I’ve summarised them here.

– The game has been designed by HB Studios, the same people who brought you Rugby 06-08 and the recent Rugby World Cup 2011 game.
– It will by all reports be available on all the major consoles so don’t be fretting that.
– Well there hasn’t been a new Rugby Union game since 2012 with Rugby Challenge 2.
– Now most of these say “later this year” but one is so bold as to suggest the 14th of November.

Any Issues Colm?
Well I’m glad you asked, so far all I can see is that the game only has Licenses for the French Top 14 and Pro D2 league and the Aviva Premiership so the game may not contain our beloved Leinster but perhaps the slightly less famous Ireland Lions with their captain James Horslips causing trouble all over the pitch. If anything the unlicensed team and player names will provide a comic element to the game.

Lastly I found a brief (incredibly brief) teaser video of gaming footage from Rugby 15 which looks like their older games with slightly better graphics. You can decide for yourself.

So until I’m able to get my hands on a demo of this game I wouldn’t be putting Rugby 15 on the christmas list just yet. However, after a couple of hours roaring on the boys in blue away from home what better way to end your evening than by challenging your mates to an epic encounter of the game we love.

Any thoughts on this? Leave a comment. I’ll be sure to keep this updated once more information about Rugby 15 comes out.

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