Actions of Northampton and Premiership are a Step in the Wrong Direction

Posted by Niall on December 7, 2016

As I’m sure everyone is aware, this weekend passed saw a widely publicised head injury. George North, the well-known and highly talented Northampton, Wales and Lions winger was chasing a high ball when he was upended. He landed awkwardly on his head/shoulder and was knocked out cold instantly. If by some miracle you haven’t seen the incident you can view it by doing a quick search on youtube. Read more

Taking Stock

Posted by Niall on January 15, 2016

I think it’s a fairly good time to stop and take a look around at the season so far, we know the form of the players and the club and we have a fairly clear idea of how the league and cup are going (especially the cup). Some players have signed up for more and some have not, some have stepped up and taken the team forward and again… some have not. At times It can be difficult some times to see the wood from the trees with a heavy media presence attempting to cloud judgment, sometimes it helps to take a step to the side take a deep breath and try to remain positive, I guess that’s what this is… right!? Read more

History Could Repeat- MOC Departure

Posted by Niall on May 22, 2015

As we are all aware at this stage MOC has left Leinster Rugby today by “Mutual consent”. Whatever that means is an argument for anther article and not the focus here, although some of the mainstream media believes the full story could be aired as early as this Sunday. All of the decisions and arguments that have lead up to this point and the feelings of the fans on whether it was the right or wrong thing to do are also not the focus of this article. At this moment in time the decision is made and that’s that. This is more a quick though on next year… Read more

Short Ramblings…

Posted by Niall on November 29, 2014

It’s probably a very good thing that we see our provinces performance to date this year as below par or substandard. Heading into tomorrows game with the Ospreys I feel in no way confident of being able to take much from the fixture(How is that good? I know right!) So far this season very little seems to have “clicked” there has very few “Champaign rugby” moments and really no point at witch you might think “Right, we will build on this and start to get some momentum going… ”  Read more

Leinster vs Edinburgh Guinness Pro12

Posted by Cian Nolan on November 29, 2014

Was it just me or were their just the smallest glimpses of skill on show last night? If you have read much of the content online recently from various sites, you must have noticed the despair at how much our handling skillset has depleted. It certainly isn’t what it was under Joe (I’m not sure it could ever be that good again) but I saw some offloads and deft hands that warmed the cockles of this supporters heart in the 33-8 bonus point win against Edinburgh. Admittedly, Edinburgh had a huge injury list and were shorn of Players due to International call-ups but so were we. Read more